Scientific Collaborators

Mariano Barbacid Laboratory. Scientific Collaborators. Matthias Drosten

Matthias Drosten, PhD -

Dr. Matthias Drosten explores the mechanisms of RAS signaling in normal cells and in cancer cells. He has established the signal transduction pathways and functions of normal RAS proteins in development and homeostasis. Likewise, he is now characterizing the consequences and mechanisms of oncogenic RAS signaling in lung cancer. Moreover, he is also interested in unravelling the specific roles of the various RAS isoforms in development and cancer. Dr. Drosten is Principal Investigator of the Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Program, at the Salamanca Cancer Research Center (CIC). cancer.

Mariano Barbacid Laboratory. Scientific Collaborators. Mónica Musteanu

Monica Musteanu, PhD -

Dr. Monica Musteanu is currently working on the discovery and the validation of novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of KRAS mutant lung adenocarcinomas. Her work is focused in the development of genetically engineered mouse models and patient derived xenograft models as platforms for target validation by genetic and pharmacological means. Dr. Musteanu also sustains several collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry to test new generation compounds. Dr. Musteanu is PDI (Ramon y Cajal Contract) in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).

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